Character Guidelines

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We will be using D&D 5e for this game.  Be prepared to 'kick it old school' as I would like to minimize electronics at the table.  I will also be using quite a bit of house rules, more specifically, magic items, random bonuses, and unusual rewards.  I want this game to focus on creativity of the players and the GM.

Acceptable Sources for Character Materials

  • Player's Handbook – all
  • Xanathar's Guide – all
  • Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide – everything except the world specific content
  • Unearthed Aracna PDFs – on a case by case basis

    • Allowed:
    • Not allowed: Artificer, Revised Ranger, Psionics

Character Creation House Rules

Ability Scores

We will be using the point buy system for generating ability scores.  You may also simply take the standard array if you don't want to do the math.


There is no 'Common' language.  There is Tradespeech, however it is not automatically known. Your default language instead of 'Common' is whatever regional language is available to you based on where you were raised.  If your background allows for it, you may take Tradespeech as a language option.  You might also learn it during downtime, if you can find a teacher.

Character Guidelines

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