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Tradespeech is the modern day version of the ancient language of the Empire of Galar. The language has evolved quite a bit since the Empire fell more than one thousand years ago. While Tradespeech is commonly used by traveling merchants and sometimes diplomats, it is not commonly used in everyday interactions. Very few of the common folk or tradesmen know how to speak it fluently. 

Dalishite is a combination of Djurl and Bolivar. It is a more recent development, having evolved from fallen Kingdom of Bol and the dwarves of the region.  It is the primary language spoken in the Monarchy of Dalish.

Aelendryl is the language of the Elves. While the root language hasn't changed much for centuries, there are some regional colloquialisms and accents. 

Djurl is the language of the Dwarves. The language changes very little over time and most Dwarves speak it precisely, however there are a few variations in the dialects spoken by Hill and Mountain Dwarves

Ancient Galar was the tongue spoken by the people of the fallen Empire of Galar.  It is no longer spoken and is difficult to translate. There is still some disagreement on what  the language actually sounds like. 

Bolivar was the language spoken by the people of the collapsed Kingdom of Bol. It is still spoken by some of the people living what was once the heartland of the great kingdom. 

Gnomes speak a language with a few similarities to Aelendryl.  While the alphabet and grammar are similar, and likely has the same root language, it has evolved enough over time to be a distinct language, Avesti.

Shirata, the language of the Halflings has its roots in ancient times.  It may be as old or older than Aelendryl, however, unlike Aelendryl,  it has changed a great deal over the ages.


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