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A long time ago the Kingdom of Dalish was spread far and wide across the land. But as is the way of such things the internal struggles of governing such a huge kingdom combined with the uprising of external threats caused the once great kingdom to crumble and fall in the obscurity of history.   Dotted across the land are the ruins and remains of Kingdom of Dalish. Some are useless and unrecognizable. Some remain, surviving the years not by virtue of solid construction, but more due to being in a position of worth. With the breath of life reviving them, people returning and rebuilding. Gastow is just such a place. 

The once opulent country manor of a long forgotten noble holds a more simple life. Serving as the manor of the local mayor, the tavern, and local inn, the sprawling building has been rebuilt with a more earthy atmosphere. This central building is surrounded by gardens, some decorative while others are utilitarian, providing food and herbs. This bastion of civilization stretches across the banks of Swan Lake.

Reaching out from the manor is a small village surrounded by a scattering of nearby farms. Tradesmen and merchants are slowly settling this frontier village looking for a new life. The most prosperous business at the moment is adventuring, as there is a landscape gone wild, overrunning ruins and hiding secrets. Wild beasts and savage monsters roam the nearby mountains, making Gastow a dangerous place to live. 



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