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During this game run, I hope to encourage role-playing, character development, and self-motivation.  To this end, I plan to utilize downtime activities.  While I do not wish to downplay the action of normal adventuring, I desire to keep characters multi-dimensional.  Below is a list of downtime activities that a character can generally perform.  The time required for activities varies, but usually takes a significant number of days.  If you think of an activity that can not be performed by selecting one of the categories below, I will do my best to come up with a suitable method to allow for your creativity.  Note that none of the downtime activities cover your Lifestyle expenses explicitly.  However, they could provide you with the funds that are necessary for maintaining your Lifestyle.  Also note that some downtime activities are modified by your Lifestyle or have Lifestyle requirements.  You can not reasonably improve your social standing while maintaining a wretched, squalid, or poor lifestyle.

Lifestyle Expenses

Lifestyle Cost/Day
Wretched -
Squalid 1 sp
Poor 2 sp
Modest 1 gp
Comfortable 2 gp
Wealthy 4 gp
Aristocrastic 10 gp minimum

Downtime Activities


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