Road to Adventure

Orcs and Trust


The orcs proved to be less of a direct issue than I'd expected.  There are probably still more of them out there, but the threat of an entire orc horde seems less likely now.  We'd been assuming that they were the "Dead Rock" orcs, but Del recognized that they were likely outcasts by the tattoos being altered — which represented them being kicked out, I guess.

There are some clues to what might actually be going on though.  Several points on a map the orcs were carrying led towards some landmarks — a farm, another small settlement, and a man named "Temesh".  She doesn't like him.


And to top it all off, I'm starting to suspect that Sirocco might be at a tipping point where he'll start home towards Kamor.  Its a choice he'll feel compelled to make — duty over personal needs.  And I don't know that he won't just try to throw me over a shoulder and drag me home.

I needed someone to talk to, and I picked Del.  He already seems to think highly of Sirocco and I feel like he's the most altruistic of us.  So I told him.  Everything.  He told me about his family, about disappointing them due to a drive they didn't respect or perhaps couldn't comprehend.  But at least they don't seem to want him dead.

Together we're going to try and keep Sirocco here.  Until I can feel secure about letting him know who I am.


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