Road to Adventure

Band of Brothers part one

I guess I’d gotten complacent.  Months on the run and I got as far as I could go without falling off the edge of the known world.  Gastow isn’t even on half the maps I looked at on the way here.

I’ve been here a few weeks, a little over a month and like a lot of the small towns I’ve passed through on the way here, they don’t like us.  Tieflings.

Still, Ulmer and his wife gave a chance to a young nobleman down on his luck, giving me a table and a stake for the lion’s share of the “profits” from it. 

It amazes me that such a short amount of time might make me forget that I’m on the run.  

She never lets me forget.  She always reminds me of what I left behind.  She wants me to go back.  She wants me to go back, to smite the-

So when not one, not two, but three strangers come to town, I’m a little off guard.  The half-elf has the look of an entertainer.  It's been a while since the local bard left the village and we could use a little culture here.  The raggedy human is also not a big surprise, I’ve seen him, or dozens like him, in other towns and villages all over the land.

It's the third one that makes my heart jump up into my throat.  Sirocco.  He moves like some huge animal, powerful and dangerous.  He’s beautiful.

They don’t pay me any mind, just a young man at a corner table, playing tiles by myself.  Instead they talk to Lilian and Vanaias about having found the body of Tane, a local, along the road.  

Tane is one of three brothers that operate a business that is like the children’s version of my father’s.  They run things from here to there.  The brothers are missing and the things they were carrying are missing.

She told me to find out what had killed him, and I guess I had to.  Murder was not something I could overlook.  At the very least, bandits murdering townsfolk might force Ulmer to send for soldiers or something.  The more attention drawn here the more likely I’ll be found out.

There is a bandit around here named Aleg. Strictly small time, killing Tane seems outside his preferred method.  He’s mostly been involved in roughing people up for money.

I guess they left the body in Tane’s cart. So I went out to have a look at the body.  Theresa directed me to Gren’s.  The body was Tane’s alright.  Gren, the local herbalist and potion maker, told me that the brothers were bringing him some herbs that he needed for healing potions and that he would pay to get them back.

But I couldn’t take on Aleg alone.  He has people working for him and I might have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I am no match for an entire bandit company.  Where was I going to get help to…

I walked back into the inn like I owned the place, sitting down at the table to join the conversation.  I laid out the part of the situation I knew, Ulmer added a reward for defeating Aleg together and before I knew it we were heading out together to find the bandits.

An interesting bag of misfits- the raggedy human (Del) is both a swordsman and a scholar; Hermes the half-elf is a bard; Vanaias is a healer, a priest I think; and Sirocco, my own brother, and one of the most dangerous men I know, didn’t recognize me!  

Maybe this can work, we can stop the bandits, get the stolen goods back, and then he’ll move on after not even realizing he found me…


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