Road to Adventure

Orcs and Trust


The orcs proved to be less of a direct issue than I'd expected.  There are probably still more of them out there, but the threat of an entire orc horde seems less likely now.  We'd been assuming that they were the "Dead Rock" orcs, but Del recognized that they were likely outcasts by the tattoos being altered — which represented them being kicked out, I guess.

There are some clues to what might actually be going on though.  Several points on a map the orcs were carrying led towards some landmarks — a farm, another small settlement, and a man named "Temesh".  She doesn't like him.


And to top it all off, I'm starting to suspect that Sirocco might be at a tipping point where he'll start home towards Kamor.  Its a choice he'll feel compelled to make — duty over personal needs.  And I don't know that he won't just try to throw me over a shoulder and drag me home.

I needed someone to talk to, and I picked Del.  He already seems to think highly of Sirocco and I feel like he's the most altruistic of us.  So I told him.  Everything.  He told me about his family, about disappointing them due to a drive they didn't respect or perhaps couldn't comprehend.  But at least they don't seem to want him dead.

Together we're going to try and keep Sirocco here.  Until I can feel secure about letting him know who I am.

Band of Brothers, part three
Well that could have gone better...

We made some assumptions about how easy things were going to be and we didn't win.

Our party all got away, but I slept through it.  When we got to town, we still had some prisoners, but more importantly Gren knows my secret, or at least enough of it to make my life more complicated.

After a rest and a conversation with the prisoners, I'm pretty sure we cut his number by more than half.  But they are involved in some kind of slave deal with orcs from the wilds.

So, we're going back in.  She was pretty adamant that I was going, so I'm glad the others were foolish enough to come with me…

The dangers of the swamplands....
or, I nearly get eaten by a frog...
Band of Brothers part two
The road to adventure leads to a swamp...?

I didn't mean to kill anybody, my body count is up to two living men now.  I know that every time this blade comes out of the scabbard someone could die but control is key.  I'm not going to turn into some kind of mad killer just because she wants to punish the world…

I want to say, though, I did find it satisfying making that bandit think I'd put a horrible curse on him before sending him on his way.  I wonder if we'll find him locked up in Gastow when we get back.

The distance between the blind and the bandit campdidn't seem all that much from where we first saw it, but we wound up over-nighting in the woods.  Rats and frogs wanted to eat us all up, and we used a lot of resources getting past them all.  I don't think I've ever used this much magic in one day.

The rats were lairing in a cave that seems to have been a part of some kind of ritual connected to one of the gods, not one I've spent any real time investigating or studying thus far.  I'll have to find out if there are any other sites nearby also dedicated to the power…

Now it's night-time and we're taking on a force much more numerous than us, I hope we aren't biting off more than we can chew…

Band of Brothers: Sirocco
End of the road?



I love my sister, but she can be a little bit of a brat.

When I left home, under orders to "Find Makaria, and don't come home without her!" I really thought it would be just a few hours.  I'd track her down somewhere in the city— slumming it in some dive bar with some of her friends, or being pampered at one of the bathhouses while she sulked about whatever had put her into a snit this time.  My biggest worry at the time was that she might get herself in over her head in one of those dive bars the young group of bubbleheads she ran with — upset a real tough who didn't know who she was, or was too drunk to care.  Or worse, who might have a grudge against the family.  She'd left without backup - me- so there was no one to pull her out of the fire and smooth things over behind her, or break a few fingers to remind people of why they shouldn't touch her.

By the next morning, though, I knew it wasn't going to be so easy.  I'd been to every tavern, taproom, alehouse and dive in the city, or one of my men had.  Nothing.  Some of her friends had been out of the town, but they didn't kknow anything.  All I got was a lot of "I think she was hanging out with Tracaryn and his friends tonight,"  or "wasn't she going to the Serene Moon for a seaweed wrap?"  Each of them thought she was somewhere else, and of course we had to check all of them out.  By morning, I was pretty sure either they were all covering for her or that she had been far more clever than I had anticipated and had laid a false trail for me, so I'd end up chasing her in circles all over town.  Shouldn't surprise me — we are all a little tricksy, our kind.  It's in our blood. 

Still, I figured I would find her soon enough.  I went home as the sun was starting to gild the tops of the towers, certain that wherever she was,  Makriah would be just finishing up her evenings revelries and finding herself a bed.  Perhaps she was home already.  I n shich case, I'd better have food and sleep before I spoke with her.  My temper was beginning to fray from the run-around I'd been getting.

Little did I know that this was just the beginning…

I was able to get breakfast, at least, before Father was up.  He came into the dining room like a thundercloud, and I could tell he hadn't slept, either.  His face flushed with anger when he saw me sitting there with the last of my morning tea.  "I assume, since you are here, that your sister is, perhaps, upstairs in her bed? "

I could feel my own face flush as I answered him.  "No sir, I was—"

The next thing I knew I was on the road, with two trusted assistants, trying to track her down.  She turned into a creature or rumor and hint, evading me from one city to another, always vanishing just as I closed in on her.  She was proving to be far more clever than I had known her to be, and far more skilled at getting people to help her out, covering her tracks.  I was, at first, annoyed and admiring of her skill in keeping ahead of us, but now I was nearly out of coin, and getting very far from our home and center of power.   Now I was just annoyed.  Tired of playing the cat-and-mouse game.  If she knew it was me following her, she must know I wasn't going to hurt her, and that we could work together to find a way to smooth things over at home.  And I wanted to go home… I just couldn't.  It had been made very clear that I should not come back without her.  Though I doubt any of us thought it would take this long….


I had nearly caught up with her in the last town;      







Band of Brothers part one

I guess I’d gotten complacent.  Months on the run and I got as far as I could go without falling off the edge of the known world.  Gastow isn’t even on half the maps I looked at on the way here.

I’ve been here a few weeks, a little over a month and like a lot of the small towns I’ve passed through on the way here, they don’t like us.  Tieflings.

Still, Ulmer and his wife gave a chance to a young nobleman down on his luck, giving me a table and a stake for the lion’s share of the “profits” from it. 

It amazes me that such a short amount of time might make me forget that I’m on the run.  

She never lets me forget.  She always reminds me of what I left behind.  She wants me to go back.  She wants me to go back, to smite the-

So when not one, not two, but three strangers come to town, I’m a little off guard.  The half-elf has the look of an entertainer.  It's been a while since the local bard left the village and we could use a little culture here.  The raggedy human is also not a big surprise, I’ve seen him, or dozens like him, in other towns and villages all over the land.

It's the third one that makes my heart jump up into my throat.  Sirocco.  He moves like some huge animal, powerful and dangerous.  He’s beautiful.

They don’t pay me any mind, just a young man at a corner table, playing tiles by myself.  Instead they talk to Lilian and Vanaias about having found the body of Tane, a local, along the road.  

Tane is one of three brothers that operate a business that is like the children’s version of my father’s.  They run things from here to there.  The brothers are missing and the things they were carrying are missing.

She told me to find out what had killed him, and I guess I had to.  Murder was not something I could overlook.  At the very least, bandits murdering townsfolk might force Ulmer to send for soldiers or something.  The more attention drawn here the more likely I’ll be found out.

There is a bandit around here named Aleg. Strictly small time, killing Tane seems outside his preferred method.  He’s mostly been involved in roughing people up for money.

I guess they left the body in Tane’s cart. So I went out to have a look at the body.  Theresa directed me to Gren’s.  The body was Tane’s alright.  Gren, the local herbalist and potion maker, told me that the brothers were bringing him some herbs that he needed for healing potions and that he would pay to get them back.

But I couldn’t take on Aleg alone.  He has people working for him and I might have a few tricks up my sleeve, but I am no match for an entire bandit company.  Where was I going to get help to…

I walked back into the inn like I owned the place, sitting down at the table to join the conversation.  I laid out the part of the situation I knew, Ulmer added a reward for defeating Aleg together and before I knew it we were heading out together to find the bandits.

An interesting bag of misfits- the raggedy human (Del) is both a swordsman and a scholar; Hermes the half-elf is a bard; Vanaias is a healer, a priest I think; and Sirocco, my own brother, and one of the most dangerous men I know, didn’t recognize me!  

Maybe this can work, we can stop the bandits, get the stolen goods back, and then he’ll move on after not even realizing he found me…

Wag & Waddle message board

Aleg the Angry

for the crimes of banditry and robbery

150 GP upon proof of death


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